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FIFA Think Again!

Despite clear evidence that the elections for the World Cup 2022 were ‘bought’, FIFA persists in organising it in Qatar. FIFA thinks it can simply ignore the will of billions of football fans. Don’t accept it as a fact that the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar. If the whole world wants it, this can still be changed. Russia won the bid for the World Cup of 2018 at the same time Qatar did. And that was less than four years ago. So there is still plenty of time to have another country organizing it. If the world wants it…

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Ten reasons why the World cup 2022 should not be in Qatar:

  1. Clean elections
    There are too many indications that the 2022 World cup elections were dirty. There have to be new elections, without Qatar. Votes were ‘bought’ the first time and Qatar should not be awarded a second chance.
  2. The climate
    It is simply not possible to play football in temperatures of 40-45 degrees Celsius – the average temperature in Qatar during the period the World Cup is scheduled. Even FIFA reports say there’s a health risk. To solve this issue FIFA wants to build air-conditioned stadiums. But how about the fans in the streets or next to the stadium? Organizing the tournament in winter is not an option.
  3. Qatar as football country
    Due to the previous reason: Qatar is not a football country. The national competition has only 10 clubs and there are no stadiums yet. The country has only 1,5 million inhabitants. How many football fans can there be at all?
  4. Stadiums will be empty
    During the World cup in South Africa about 10% of the 3 million spectators were foreigners, the rest were local fans. That’s according to official figures but it’s more likely that it were even less than 100.000 foreigners.  That is 3%. It’s highly unlikely that a World cup in Qatar wil draw more overseas supporters than the World cup of 2010. So who will fill the stadiums when there are so few fans from overseas? (see also reason 3).
  5. Culture clash
    In Qatar alcoholic drinks are forbidden, just as going scantily dressed in the streets. The World Cup attracts people who like to drink and party. And when it is warm, it’s not their habit to remain fully dressed. If confronted by this, people in Qatar will feel offended. Without being judgmental of either culture, it is clear that these do not go together.
  6. Qatar’s national team
    Qatar’s national team has never made it to a World cup tournament. Their best result is a 3rd place in the Asia Cup. Their current FIFA ranking is 92. A World Cup should be hosted by a country that has a reasonable chance to qualify for it by themselves.
  7. Human Rights
    Qatar has very few actual citizens and the large migrant worker population is badly treated. Hundreds of people die during the constructions of the stadiums. Also homosexuality is illegal in Qatar. When asked about this issue FIFA-chairman Blatter said that homosexual fans therefore should refrain from sex during the World Cup.
  8. Sustainability
    Environmental responsibility is one of the top priorities in todays world. Choosing Qatar as host for the World cup is one of the least responsible things to do. Building (air-conditioned) stadiums that will be dismantled or left in the desert afterwards. The same applies for all hotels that have to be build. Flying in hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world. From a sustainability perspective this is a very bad choice.
  9. FIFA’s credibility
    FIFA’s reputation and credibility have suffered tremendously in the last few years. By setting up new elections, and operating from now on in an open and transparent way, FIFA can regain credibility.
  10. No reason to choose Qatar
    Turn it around. The reasons not to organize it in Qatar are obvious and plentiful. And we cannot think of any reasons at all to choose Qatar. So why considering this in the first place?

Who Are We?

Mark Schalekamp and Sjaak Zonneveld are football fans. They started this campaign out of anger about the way the FIFA operates and has come to its choice of Qatar as host for the 2022 World Cup.

They are truly indignant, because the choice for Qatar does not make any sense. We don’t have anything against Qatar or the Qatari people, but we think that is a bad idea to host a World Cup in that country: bad for the players, bad for the fans, bad for football and bad for our planet.

‘No chance against the powerfull FIFA,’ many may think. But shouldn’t it be more logical that 24 old FIFA-board members wouldn’t stand a chance pursuing something that the entire world is against?

Read more about us here and you can contact us at


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